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We are a national company founded in 2002, specialized in IT, with a vast know-how in computer management and maintenance.

The vast experience in the implementation of computer solutions allows us to make a personalized follow-up of our clients.

We are the trusted partner in information systems.

Through our consultancy services, management and computer maintenance we increase the efficiency of our customers.

We provide consulting services to assist clients with their continually-changing IT environments.

We help clients to:

• Improve effectiveness and efficiency of IT application environments by adopting reusable software platforms;

• Design platform-based solutions, based on business and technology problems;

• Plan and implement IT initiatives.

• Our on-site teams work directly with our clients analyzing and identifying existing problems in order to find the best solution;

We believe this approach reduces cost and allows us to explore more strategies, improving the overall quality of our services.
video The safety of people and equipment is now essential, in this way we implement video surveillance solutions with different capacities and characteristics in order to adapt the different needs of each client.

All the solutions presented by us are able to transmit images over the Internet, as well as the recordings are stored on hard disks with continuous recording, allowing the client to guarantee the number of days imposed by the law.

There are several types of systems, the main ones being: traditional analogue, HD-TVI and IP.

We offer solutions for both types of systems, depending on the needs of each client and the applicability of each of the systems.

Why data virtualization?

• Data virtualization increases revenues

• Data virtualization lowers costs

• Data virtualization reduces risks

With growing volumes of data and increasing demands for its availability, data virtualization is the future of data integration. Virtualization puts the future in your hands.

Access enterprise data from a single point with data virtualization.

Data Virtualization integrates data from different sources without physical movement of data. Virtualization of data, then provides a single access point to manage and view this data.

With virtualization, decision makers gain fast access to reliable information. And IT loves data virtualization because it helps minimize costs and improve operational efficiency.

The main idea is to use digital signage putting around the store that will influence consumer behavior.

This means buying brand loyalty, and customer flow.

Your consumer sees your products or services, promotions and all relevant information when making decisions right now.

It allows the consumer to recognize the brand, its products, the most competitive prices, campaigns and promotions.

This sophisticated means of communication with high levels of retention and influence on the consumer.